The Best Way to Start Your Day

Y’all, I feel like I might have finally learned how to game the system. Cheat #1: The Little Human. It is a tiny story that asks a lot of big questions while we’re swimming around in our minds pretending to be mermaids. I did that on purpose. I think young people need and want to wrestle with big ideas. When I was a classroom teacher, getting to hear children’s big ideas (especially the ones hidden in small moments) was what got me excited for every day. I miss that. And it’s what brings us to... Cheat #2: Instead of being sad that I only get to do read alouds at school visits and book festivals, I took matters into my own hands and recorded a read aloud series for The Little Human. It is in

Come Read with Me!

The Little Mermaid (not the Disney version) is a cautionary tale, as fairytales often were. They were meant to keep people, particularly children, from straying too far from the safety of home because who knows what might be lurking in the shadows. The Little Human is a cautionary tale, too, but in a very different way than The Little Mermaid. I hope that readers will be asking questions the whole way through. Would Amaya have been happy if she had never gone to sea? When you go out into the world to seek your joy, what happens to the people you’ve left behind? Can you ever truly leave the people you love behind? Getting to talk about things like that is one of the reasons that I love readin

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