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Blue Cover? Collector's Item. You're Welcome.

Jala and the Wolves Cover- Medium.jpg

Greetings to you, the lucky owner of this copy of Jala and the Wolves!


If you are the owner of a copy of Jala and the Wolves with a classic fairytale cover in blue, let me be the first to congratulate you. Your book is now a collector's item! In 2,000 years or less it may or may not be worth enough money to buy a home or a pack of shoelaces.

Our amazing cover designer, Marie Muravski has created a new cover with a modern fairytale look. While you wait for the value of your blue copy to appreciate, check out the new look below.

Jala and the Wolves- ebook.jpg

Our distributors will be switching over to this gorgeous new cover any day now, so if you want to buy a classic blue one-- you know...for investment purposes-- you'll need to act fast. Quantities are limited. ;-)



#coverreveal #illustrations #childrensbooks

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