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I <3 Maple Street Book Shop

Maple Street Book Shop is one of my favorite places in New Orleans. From the porch rockers to its aptly worded, oh-so important mission statement, everything about the place just makes me happy.

And, as if I didn’t already love it enough, the fabulous people down at Maple Street Book Shop have been unfailing supporters of New Orleans authors, myself included. They were the first book store to stock Jala and the Wolves, and now they have agreed to host my very first book signing!

The book signing will be Saturday, May 9, 2015. More details to follow. I hope to see you there!*

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*Note: I live in fear of this book signing. There is nothing sadder than an author sitting alone at a book signing, pen in her dominant hand, copies of her book in stacks on either side. So please, please come if you can.

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