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Dragon Riding...errr...Writing

I’m almost done with the last book in the Seeds of Magic series. I don’t write a story until I know how it ends. This is not a rule for people in general, but it is my rule for me.

Well... maybe not so much a 'rule' as a philosophy?

A way of life?

I don’t know. There are lots of bits and bobs of stories and scenes and characters that pop in and out of my head, but not all of them want to be written. That's a good thing. There are too many of them to write, anyway. I wouldn’t have time. Lol. The way I know when to start writing is when I see the end. I may not know all the stops on the road, but for me it’s enough to just know where I’m going. I love a good roadtrip. I’ll get there eventually.

It happened that way for The Seeds of Magic. Once I realized who Jackie was, I could see the end clear as sunlight. I also knew that that end was not something I could get to in one book. A long road trip, not a short one. Now I’m inching closer and closer toward writing a scene I first imagined four years ago. It’s a strange feeling. Strange and exhilarating, like the last pile of shapes in a 1,000 piece puzzle. You can see the picture, and everyone else will, too, once those pieces are put in place. You can worry about whether or not they like the picture later.


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