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"Charming with abundant humor."

 -Publishers Weekly

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Jaden Toussaint is a five-year-old who knows it all. I mean, really knows it all. Animal Scientist. Great Debater. Master of the art of ninja dancing. There’s nothing Jaden Toussaint can’t do.

This time our hero is on a quest—a star quest. JT wants to get a million likes so he can be a famous animal explorer who teaches kids stuff on tv (and possibly Broadway). Unfortunately, his parents won’t let him post a video. How can he get a million likes if he can’t even post a video?


Never fear. Jaden Toussaint always has a plan, and you can read all about it in Episode 5: Mission Star-Power.  Click your favorite store's icon and get a copy today!

Paperback US $5.99

Ebook US $3.99

Digital Audio US $3.95

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