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Jaden Toussaint, The Greatest as Illustrated by Marie Muravski

Jaden Toussaint, The Greatest

Giant Afro. Even Bigger Brain.

Jaden Toussaint is a five year-old who knows it all. I mean, really knows it all. Animal Science. Great Debator. Master of the art of ninja dancing. There’s nothing Jaden Toussaint can’t do. The only problem is that grown-ups keep trying to convince him that, even though he’s really smart, he doesn’t know EVERYTHING. The thing is…he kind of does.

Searching for Jaden Toussaint

My team and I are on a hunt for the perfect look for Jaden Toussaint. We’ve had a lot of good responses from illustrators so far. Check out this offering from Marie Muravski.

Our original vision was more cartoon-y, but we could get with this international-kid-of-mystery look. We especially love the richness of the colors. And check out that ‘fro!

Join Team JT

The 5 year-old, the 9 year-old, and I would love for you to help us choose a look for Jaden Toussaint, The Greatest. Contact us if you’re interested in being on #TeamJT!

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