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Stop Sleeping on the Mermaids

I think of reviews as none of my business. Sort of an A-to-B-conversation-so-C-your-way-out kind of situation. Which is why I am so confused about how I ended up looking at a review for The Little Human on GoodReads today. Okay. I'm not really confused about that. I went to investigate why I was getting likes on "my" review of Dave the Villager, a book I've never read (spoiler: apparently the Littlest J needs his own GoodReads account). One thing lead to another and I ended up glancing at reviews of my books. One of them stood out. It was a review of The Little Human written by a person we'll call 'LJ.' I only read the one, but I’m glad I did, because not an hour later, someone asked me a really good author question and, thanks to LJ, I had an instant answer.

Question: Which one of your books is the most underrated?

Answer: Y’all are sleeping on The Little Human!!! People, listen to me. There’s magic and science and family and casual references to Ursula K. LeGuin *AND* Ursula the sea witch. I mean, seriously? What more can you want? Dope cover art? Well, it's got that, too.

So, in summary, be like LJ. Read The Little Human. Trust me. You won’t regret it.


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