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Books Belong to Readers

True Story: No matter who wrote them or how many copies get printed, books belong to the world and everyone in it.

I like to talk about my books, but usually, I’d rather listen. I’m a reader. Hearing how people experience books is one of my favorite things. That even includes the person who said they hate the third Jaden Toussaint book because, in their view, it tells girls that they have to smile. I disagree…er…strongly…but I still enjoyed listening. Books belong to the world. Muffin Wars is a book. My thoughts about it are valid, but IMO they don’t automatically trump anyone else’s.

That’s not true about Charmed Life… yet. Even though it has been printed and bound and beautifully made, Charmed Life is all mine until it officially hits shelves on May 2nd. So, for now, while my thoughts and opinions still have a little weight, I want to tell you:

1. No matter how powerful or magical we are, black girls are human. We get to flounder. We need support. We deserve rest. 2. Families are not always what we think they will be. 3. A stepmother can be one of your biggest allies if you let her. 4. Cats only get cooler over time.

Happy to chat about these and many more opinions, and I’m looking forward to listening to yours.


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