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The Guerrilla Garden

Reading outside has always been sort of my thing. When I was a little kid I would sneak outside and build tiny forts to read in. (Of course I didn't think of them as forts. I thought of them as portals, but I digress...) So imagine my joy when the organizers at the Guerilla Garden, a part of the Lower 9th Ward's Backyard Gardener's Network, asked me to come read as a part of their fall re-opening celebration. Read? Outside? With children? Count me in.

I brought some activities to

keep little hands occupied, and we

read from Jala and the Wolves, aka "The Wolf Book", and Jaden Toussaint, the Greatest, aka "The Afro Book," colored, made wolf charm necklaces, and generally had a lovely time.

A reading fort is the only thing that could have made it better. Next time... :)

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