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My Hair Is Fuzzy, My Hair Is Cute

Talking to authors I love: I asked Toni Winston, author of My Hair Is Fuzzy, My Hair Is Cute, my 3 favorite questions for authors. Check out her responses (and her book!) below.

Me: What was your favorite book when you were a kid?

Toni: As a kid my favorite book was Where the Wild Things Are. I believe that we read this book in elementary school. My connection was the books imagery and the vivid imagination that the character Max had.

Me: I'm always curious about what inspires people to write. What inspired you?

Toni: I was inspired to write this book because I wanted my daughter Skylar to understand that she was beautiful no matter the length, color or texture of her hair. She has often been in environments where there aren't many children that reflect her physical attributes and she would often talk about wanting different hair. She often referred to her hair as "fuzzy" and after one of our many "fuzzy hair" conversations and a few jots in my then Blackberry My Hair is Fuzzy, My Hair is Cute was placed in the incubator.

Me: The incubator. Lol. I like the sound of that. What a lucky girl Skylar is. Her mama isn't just reading books to her, she's writing them. Excellent. For all the other parents out there looking for ideas to spend some quality time with their children, what was the last book you and Skylar enjoyed reading together?

Toni: Skylar loves to hear stories well beyond her years as she is a creative soul so while some of her favorite topics are Greek Mythology and animal. She also loves books with great imagery and anything cosmic, but I think that one of the cutest books that we've both enjoyed was A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon.

Me: We love that one, too! My 6 year-old esecially like the little detail of the rainbow colored bow at the end.

Me: It's been fun talking to you. Where can people find you?

Toni: On Periscope, Twitter, and Instagram I'm @mstonimoni. I'm on Facebook at Or they can go to my blog at

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