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The Little Mermaid (not the Disney version) is a cautionary tale, as fairytales often were. They were meant to keep people, particularly children, from straying too far from the safety of home because who knows what might be lurking in the shadows.

The Little Human is a cautionary tale, too, but in a very different way than The Little Mermaid. I hope that readers will be asking questions the whole way through. Would Amaya have been happy if she had never gone to sea? When you go out into the world to seek your joy, what happens to the people you’ve left behind? Can you ever truly leave the people you love behind?

Getting to talk about things like that is one of the reasons that I love reading with children so much. Their insights are profound and, after we have built up a trust, they are eager to share them. That’s one of the reasons I thought it might be cool to share a read aloud with you. Since I had to record the whole thing at once to be sure that I could share them all with you, the questions don’t run quite as deep as they would if we were reading together in person. In person, our conversation would connect and build over time, taking us exactly where we need to go. (Books are funny like that, aren’t they?) However, the ones below will do to get us started, and I’m excited to get to share them with you.

The videos are available on YouTube because that is an easy to access platform for most people, but they are unlisted. I.e., you have to have the direct link in order to find them and they won’t show up in a YouTube search. The Read Aloud will be available through the end of September at:

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