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Covid 19 Changes

I love my family. So much that I can’t put it on paper. I love you to the moon and back? Amateur hour. The moon is so close! I love them infinitely more than that…plus one.


(You knew there was a but.)

But, I am an introvert. I *need* time to be alone just to feel like myself. I need time alone to get work done. I was always the teacher who arrived at 6:00 AM so I could be alone in the quiet of my classroom, no fear of anyone popping their head to ask something or even say “Good Morning.” It’s the way I work best. I’ve had to make some adjustments over the years as my family grows and gets more and more ideas of their own, but to be creative and productive and rejuvenated, I have to find little pockets of solo time on a regular basis. And I have. Until now. With EVERYONE home ALL THE TIME, there’s nowhere for me to hide in our tiny city house, and…let’s just say that productivity levels have dropped. Crossing my fingers that it’s temporary.

Oh! Bonus points if you know I picked this post image. Lol.


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