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Wildseed Witch

One of the best parts about being an author is all the amazing artists I get to work with. You’ve heard me rave about Marie Muravski and Stephanie Parcus and Tom Gorman, and now you can add another to that list: Erick Dàvila. He makes amazing art, including one of my favorite covers of all time Maybe at this point I should call it kismet. [Sidenote: I’m over here laughing at myself for being pre-corny. It’s too soon for that joke. Trust me. It’ll land better after the book comes out.]

Through my skill of having sporadic but amazingly good luck, the artist they chose is someone I’ve been stalking ever since I read With the Fire on High. His work is exquisite and because of him and the cool people at Abrams Kids, including my awesome editor Maggie Lehrman, I can finally introduce you to Hasani. Hasani is a scholarship kid at an ultra elite, all BIPOC charm school for witches who, despite finding out she can harness magic, really just wants to meet her favorite YouTuber and get some more followers for her discount makeup channel.

Hasani is smart and funny, and I can’t wait for you to get to spend time with her and her #blackgirlmagic.

I’m no Octavia Butler, but Hasani is 100% #wildseedwitch.

I think the pre-order is live pretty much everywhere, but I KNOW that it's live at Blue Cypress Books. Check it out. :-)


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