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June Peters, You Will Change the World One Day

Talking to authors I love: I asked Alika Turner, author of June Peters, You Will Change the World One Day, my 3 favorite questions for authors. Check out her responses (and her book!) below.

Me: What was your favorite book when you were a kid?

Alika: There were so many books from my child hood that I remember. I was always fascinated by magical stories, princess stories and stories surrounding adventure. Some of my favorites were The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks, and The Borrowers by Mary Norton. I had a huge imagination as a child and honestly I still do, so those books would take me beyond my bedroom.

Me: I hear ya! Like kindred spirits, we are. I loved those kinds of stories when I was a kid, too. Is that what inspired you to write?

Alika: Writing is my life. Writing gives me peace of mind in such a crazy world. I was inspired to write because I have a story that needs to be told. My children’s books allow my story to reach people of all ages.

Me: I hear that, too. Children's books are for everyone!

Me: I know you have a little one at home. What are y'all reading right now?

Alika: The last book my child and me enjoyed reading was Just as Special by 3Evoke.

Me: I don't know that one! I'll check it out. Thanks for the book rec.

Alika Turner was born in Richmond, California and currently resides in Lithonia, Georgia. At the age of 32 she knew it was time to focus on her dream to become a children’s book author. Her wonderful son Makaio gave her so much inspiration during and after her writing process. In addition to being an author, she also founded an organization, Project Giving Is Golden, and supports other authors through her Facebook platform, Reading Is Golden. Connect with her on her website:

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