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I'm good at a lot of things, but social media is not one of them. Some people have activated a section of their DNA that just makes them sparkle online. Since I haven't, I mostly log every once in a while to see what people are up to or post something hilarious/horrifying/adorable that my children did since I'm obviously never going to get around to making their baby books. (Search #facebookbabybook if you don't believe me. That's legit what I do.) No big deal. Well, imagine my surprise when I realized that I should have had FOMO (fear of missing out--I'm learning the lingo, y'all) all along, at least where Instagram is concerned. Look at all the cuteness I've missed out on!!!

A smart collection of children reading.

I do not plan to miss out again, so you can catch me on Instagram now at I'm @momteacherwriter.

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